Glow-worm; one of the UK’s leading heating and hot water manufacturers, has a heritage spanning 75 years in the heating business. Glow-worm is the well known and trusted British brand that delivers high performance and great value for money heating and hot water systems you can rely on, allowing you to get on with your life in comfort. 

Over the years, Glow-worm have celebrated many milestones – in the 1990’s Glow-worm led the way by developing one of the UK’s first High Efficiency condensing boilers; a technology which is now fitted as standard in millions of people’s homes across the UK, and continues to innovate still today, offering the Uk’s first and only intelligent Hybrid renewable heating system which automatically selects the most cost effective method of heating at any time. 

In recent years Glow-worm have become a multi award winning brand achieving recognition for their comprehensive boiler and renewable technology ranges from the likes of  the highly prestigious Which? consumer organization, The National Heat Pump awards and the Renewables awards. 

Offering a full range of heating and hot water  solutions covering domestic high efficiency boilers, air to water heat pumps, solar thermal technology, intelligent Hybrid systems, hot water cylinders and domestic controls Glow-worm provide their customers with one of the most comprehensive ranges of any manufacturer and backed by nationwide back up and support services,   Glow-worm is one of the UK’s best known and leading suppliers of performance heating solutions for a customers needs. 

The Glow-worm Renewability programme offers all the expertise you need to be successful in renewables.

As a pioneering force within renewables, Glow-worm's years of experience, expert team and significant investment have created Renewability, the programme that confidently guides you into renewables. Glow-worm have got all the right products, technical support and rewards. So let Glow-worm be your partner in renewables and help enhance your business. After all, their knowledge and your skills are a winning combination.

Begin your journey with Renewability today and find out how Glow-worm can help you successfully grow your business:

1. Free and discounted training

2. The best support for renewable technologies in the industry, from design to installation and beyond

3. Business development tools and rewards through Club Energy

To find out more about the comprehensive support Glow-worm can provide throughout your Renewables journey, please visit today.