Nu-HeatAfter twenty years in business Nu-Heat recognize that one of the major factors of our success has been our commitment to ensuring that every installer we work with receives all the support they need in order to achieve the right system for their customers.


Installers know that with Nu-Heat there’s a long history of service, support and established expertise. When the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) domestic tariff gets off the ground we will see a rise in interest in renewable products. Additionally, as we move towards a mandatory Level 5 in the Code for Sustainable Homes, developers will need to call on the expertise of experienced renewables installers even more. Nu-Heat is starting to expand into supplying systems for commercial buildings and we can assure installers that they will receive the same high standards from Nu-Heat in this as well as our traditional domestic market.

Nu-Heat’s bottom line is to provide complete and individual support for each installer, making sure that they are happy and return to us time and again.

The benefits of working with Nu-Heat;

  •         Experienced design skills
  •         Installer relationship
  •         Product development
  •         Technical support on tap
  •         Award-winning training facility
  •         Systems that achieve the right resultsSolar Filling & Flushing Pump

Nu-Heat’s range of products includes underfloor heating, air and ground source heat pumps and solar thermal, so installers can source the best solution for every project and budget.


 Nu-Heat are also part of the Easy MCS Voucher scheme - click here to find out more.